Advanced Typography Certificate

I’m on my second course on this program, this is the program overview:
The graduate of the Advanced Typography program should be able to achieve upper-level typographic and design employment. Because the program covers the range of the profession, from theoretical and historical issues to letterform design, graduates will be exposed to numerous specializations within the field. Upon completion, graduates will be skilled in letterform design, information design, book design, magazine design, history of typography, typographic theory, and typographic research and writing.

Curriculum Structure
Each class in the Advanced Typography program meets once a week for 4 hours over a 12-week term, equaling 48 contact hours per class. The program is comprised of 8 subjects, totaling 384 instructional hours. Students must complete and pass all courses for completion and certification. 

Our instructors are internationally recognised professionals with extensive abilities, industry awards, and academic recognition.

More info about the Advanced Typography Certificate

I  took the “Typography 3: Extended Text” in fall 2008 and I’m presently taking “Visible Language”


These are some of the exercises 

Book List
Type: Geo Slab serif 703
AIM: Create a bibliography (book) or a simplified book review (magazine) style of page, pages or spreads (i.e. not a poster) 
Format: Choose a format that will be easy to present, or choose an existing format that you like or develop a new format? 
Exercise for Typography 3, part of the “Advanced Typography Certificate” at Langara College.
 Book List


Word Play

Type: Futura
AIM: Express the meaning or idea of a word by use of size spacing or placement of letters on a page, Repitition and tints are OK if appropriate
Format: Page size square 20 x 20 cm. 
Exercise for Typography 3, part of the “Advanced Typography Certificate” at Langara College.


Word Play










Type: Rimex
Exercise for Typography 3, part of the “Advanced Typography Certificate” at Langara College. 

masthead 1

Type: Hilde Sharpie




More exercises to come…

  1. Clint Anglin said:

    At the beginning of this category you state: “I’m on my second curse on this program…”

    Freudian slip or intentional? I can well remember some courses I cursed at during school. Smile.

    Congratualations on your work. It’s excellent.

    • typepolice said:

      Hi Clint, Hehehe, I was not intentional!
      But maybe my subconscious was playing bad jokes on me…
      Thanks a lot for your commentary!

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