Infraction No. 1

This is a very interesting case, we can find a little bit of everything: atrocious kerning, genetically modified serifs, obese stems, shaky baseline, overgrown x-heights and a comatose acute accent* amongst others.
At the same time, there is one thing to be admired about the person who did this, and that is the audacious intent to recreate a font. The craftiness of the sign, painted by hand on top of a board that belongs to a piece of furniture, is the consequence of an obstinate individual who doesn’t trust other people’s trades or professions.

After a long research, scrolling up and down my Font Explorer, I’m bold enough to conclude that this craftsperson was trying to emulate a Times New Roman PS. Not even Name that font was able to identify it or give me any option.

Would you have coffee at this café?
It will be like drinking a black beverage made out of roasted peanuts, soy beans and some Nescafé, it might be black but it wont look like coffee, and it will definitely not taste like coffee.

Photo taken in Toronto (not so obvious) by Juan Madrigal
*The French word café is to accentuate Toronto’s bilingualism

  1. I’d rather have my espresso dopio in infraction free coffee shop. And, by the way, no Nescafé please

  2. I once read about the placement of diacritics (acute and grave accents et al.) however somehow essay missed this particular style of placement – to the far right of the character. I notice also there is a slight curvature to the mark so that it nearly hugs the e. They might get off with a stern warning this time.

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