I recently had to design some campaigns for web, so we decided at the studio that we should do some some cut-out letters and/or paper forms.

I proposed paper boxes for Boxing Day (Canadian version of the Black Friday in US), it is a simple analogy, maybe a little bit redundant but fun.

For Urban Behavior, after designing the layout in Illustrator, we cut the letters and left the cardboard as a stencil. I lifted the cut-out cardboard from the the background and tried different lighting conditions to create a real drop shadow.
I used Avant Garde, Condesed Bold for Urban Behavior’s campaign.

I designed the Costa Blanca winter sale campaign in Illustrator as well. This time we did cut-outs of the letters, giving a homemade and cozy look to a “boring sale” web campaign, keeping only the small copy for the background. We used gold paper to give an idea of holidays, the thin gold paper didn’t lay flat, which was a good thing. The cut-out letters bent to make some spots shine more than others.
I used Bauer Bodoni, Bold Italic for this Campaign.

At the end, I had fun playing with the leftover letters, I didn’t have time to play as much as I would have liked but I manage to take a couple of pictures…

Art Direction & Design: Juan Madrigal
Photography: Juan Madrigal


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