Fantastically Beautiful is actually a dream I had.
In my dream I remember colours and shapes, and the thing that impacted me the most that morning, was the only two words in the poster: “Fantastically Beautiful”. I needed to design that poster and materialize a vivid dream. Once I started, I found it imposible to use any type that could match that image in my head; I had to design a custom type.

The type is called fantastically and it was designed on something I remembered but couldn’t express instantly, neither verbally or graphically. A couple of sketches and the whole type was born on one concept. It was never easy but it felt natural, I would say supernatural…

Please note that these are not keyable fonts, they are vector files on illustrator. Each letterform need to be hand set and composed.

Download the files for free here

The only thing I ask in return is to see how you used it and a mention if possible.


  1. Krupa said:

    love it!

    • The Type Police said:

      Oh thanks!

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