Love letter to the city

Brooklyn car park hosts Steve Power’s concrete love letter to the city


Published on Tuesday, 1 November, 2011 | 10:00 am | by Eye Blog

Steve Powers (also known as ESPO) is fast gaining a reputation for urban regeneration, writes Alexander Ecob. His Love Letter to Philadelphia saw old and abandoned buildings along Philadelphia’s Market-Frankford Elevated line acting as canvases for his bright artwork and ebullient wordplay and led to similar work adorning the bridges of Syracuse and the interior of Ogilvy & Mather’s offices.

Steve Powers_Macys_003

His latest commission has given him the reign of thousands of square feet of a Brooklyn car park belonging to department store Macy’s. Powers claims that the people and stories of Brooklyn are direct inspirations for the work – while it was being painted (a process which took two weeks of rollers and house paint) he encouraged passers-by to shout up suggestions which he and his team could try to incorporate into the work.

Steve Powers_Macys_002

Steve Powers_Macys_004

Powers says ‘A neighbourhood in decline has always been an ideal place to work. Generally, you are only improving the situation with a little bit of paint, and the work tends to last longer than in the pricey precincts of the city.’

Steve Powers_Macys_007

‘the work […] heralds the forthcoming development, but also testifies to the cherished aspects of the neighbourhoods we worked in, aspects that may be lost as the neighbourhoods change.’

Steve Powers_Macys_005

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