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Type love from Design Work Life :
Gigalypse, a new chunky square sans serif from Dunwich Type Founders.


Macula, the impossible typeface by Fonthausen

Macula was originally designed for a design pitch for the graphic design organisation in Breda, the Netherlands. After the pitch, the typeface was expanded with a complete Latin characterset. Each character has a counterpart.

The family consists of four styles, each built with opentype features like contextual alternates (re-orders the characters and their counterpart), stylistic alternates and extended kerning and local language features.

Macula is available at boldmonday!

Original post by Junk Culture

New York-based design studio Vault49 has created a series of hand-painted saws as part of a statement project about international budget cuts, titled “(SUB)PRIME-CUTS”.  Speaking about the project they say, “Budgets are being butchered all around the world, and even worse it’s been done in such bad taste. These finely crafted financial tools should trim the fat nicely.” Sink your teeth into these viciously hand-crafted beauties!

 Find out more about the project here.