Macula, the impossible typeface

Macula, the impossible typeface by Fonthausen

Macula was originally designed for a design pitch for the graphic design organisation in Breda, the Netherlands. After the pitch, the typeface was expanded with a complete Latin characterset. Each character has a counterpart.

The family consists of four styles, each built with opentype features like contextual alternates (re-orders the characters and their counterpart), stylistic alternates and extended kerning and local language features.

Macula is available at boldmonday!

  1. Jacques Le Bailly said:

    Thanks for the post !

    // Fonthausen

  2. Jacques Le Bailly said:

    We are happy to announce Macula: a beautiful ‘impossible typeface’ in five styles. Macula is also available as webfont !

    To celebrate the launch of Macula we are offering a special price of 35 Euros per font until the end of December!
    More details:


  3. type/police said:

    Thanks Fonthausen! I’ll tweet about it!

  4. Jacques Le Bailly said:

    Thanks Type/Police !

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