type/police is here
Everything type…
Used on the type/police  header: Lingua from Process Type Foundry

Who’s type/police?
Well… It is me, Juan Madrigal.
I have spent time working in New York City, Montreal, Vancouver and Los Angeles. I graduated with honors from a five-year graphic design program. With more than 15 years experience as a Graphic designer & Art Director, I have extensive background creating print material, especially fashion catalogues. I believe in the power of images and words living together in the digital and analogue world. Typography and photography is what I thrive on. I am passionate about paper and I enjoy creating things with it. Being a photographer, I have substantial experience in conceptualization, production and direction for photo shoots. I am enthusiastic about research and I love to share inspiration amongst colleagues. Resourceful and creative by nature, I will find a solution for almost anything.

I’m a proud member of the “Société des designers graphiques du Québec” and the Art Directors Club.

And I love bicycles and I ride everywhere, all year long.

Find Juan:


Behance Portfolio


Linked In



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