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Bikes Without Borders is a Canadian organization using bikes and bike-related solutions as a tool for development in marginalized communities.

The following posters were designed to gain awareness for the “Pedal Powered Hope” project. These posters will be produced with cost and sustainability in mind, so only one ink is used and they are easily printed on any stock, ideally any recycled content stock available at the printer.

Typeface: Aachen & Memphis Light


I designed this poster last year for our yard sale before moving to Los Angeles. Going through work files last night, I realized it was a good typography exercise and remember people coming to our yard sale saying they have never seen such a cool yard sale poster, and that was the reason for them to go…

However, being careful when typesetting word by word, I did missed the kerning between “D” and “A” in the word Saturday. Probably some other ones, but that caught my attention right away.

I only used Clarendon Bold.

This is how the poster looked in real life, out there on the streets.

The poster 7 days after…

Thanks to the Design Police for putting together a complete kit to denounce design related crimes. They have all my support, empathy and respect.

Visual Enforcement Kit:

You can download the complete kit here.

The Type Police and the Design Police suggest you conform to the following note:

Please ensure that these templates are used for legal and legitimate purposes.
You are responsible for their use. The design Police do not condone vandalism or criminal damage.
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